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The Rules

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Mar 14, 2019
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Following the rules must be followed while posting in order to keep Kleoz.Net clean and fully working.
1. Use "Hide" 3 tag while posting content.
2. Please post only 5 accounts per thread to prevent leeching.
3. Please post the login URL of the website you are posting in code 2 tags. Direct Linking is not allowed.
4. Accounts must be checked by the poster.
5. No external links to other forums , websites are allowed.
6. No spamming.
7. No leeching.
8. Only direct links like mediafire - (ad.fly/shitcash or any other content locking links are not allowed).
Following rules must be followed while getting accounts.
1. Don't leech(Permanent ban).
2. Don't take two working accounts for same site (Permanent ban) unless you the first one you took is dead/blocked/banned. Only in this case you may take the second for the same site but 3. report the post first one as dead before taking the second one.
Report dead accounts.
4. Use proper way of replying,replying thanx,thank you,random letters and numbers,are considered as spam and will be warned 2 times ,then we will ban you.
5. To see the hidden content,please reply on the post. (might need to refresh)
6. Normal members is allowed 5 posts per 24 hours in each subcategory of Cracking Section to prevent leeching for Unlimited posting Upgrade to VIP.
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  • Kleoz.Net - Premium Accounts Cracking Community is an educational website with the purpose of enhancing account and website security. Everything posted on the forums must be used for educational purposes only. The owner and staff of Kleoz.Net take no repsonsibility for the actions of the users.

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