RULES: Read this before Posting!


Teh Owner
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Teh Owner
Mar 14, 2019
For anyone posting a thread or replying in Freebies and Giveaways, you will need to follow the below rules:

- Only direct links will be accepted, any links to external sites to download txts, zips or any other files will results in a ban.
- No linking to affiliate links or pay per download sites.
- No requests for trades , currency or anything else in exchange - FREE means FREE.
- Always use hide and code tags when posting links.
- No Low Quality replies like thanks, wow , asdfasd.
- No credit cards, card bins, financial accounts allowed.
- No information that violates General Rules must be shared.

Rules are subject to frequent updates so be sure to check them regularly.
Any violation of the rules will result in immediate ban without warning!