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Cracking Tool NCT-Dicebot new crack


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Dec 7, 2019
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Greetings to all!
Found a new NCT-Dicebot crack on the github
This is the crack of the latest version.

If someone does not understand what I mean, then I advise you to just look at this video

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work site:
1. 999Dice
2. BetKing
3. Better bets
4. Bitdice
5. Bit-Exo
6. Bitsler
7. BitVest
8. CoinMillions
9. Coinpro
10. crypto-games
11. dice.seuntjie
12. DuckDice
13. etcbets
14. Freebitco
15. Just-dice
16. KingDice
17. Monerodice
18. MoneyPot
19. NitrogenSports
20. Prime Dice
21. Provably
22. Rollin
23. Satoshi Dice
24. Stake
25. WealthyDice
26. YoloDice
27. SafeDice
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