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Oct 8, 2020

This is a white-hat money making method , meaning it is fully legal. Anyone can do this , it works worldwide , for any age. If you have a computer and an internet connection you can do this method!

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Basic pack: 29.99$ ===> 14.99$
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Premium pack: 39.99$ ===> 19.99$
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Things the method doesn't involve : Scamming , stealing , hacking , e-whoring , refunding , social engineering or anything similar to these!

Things this method does involve :

A computer
a internet connection
a BTC wallet or Paypal for receiving payments

Upon purchase you will receive :

x1 Copy of the e-book
x1 Invite to the discord server where you will get full support from me


Q: What do/don't these methods involve?
A: It does involve neatness, organisation and micromanagement. It doesn't involve anything about Forex, Gambling, Shopify/Woocommerce, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Paxful, CPA, PPD, E-whoring, Amazon, YouTube or these "little" tricks that won't make any money.
Q: Is this a get rich quick scheme?
A: No, the point of this strategy is not to become rich and famous. This program will teach you methods on how to earn money with minimal work passive and long term.
Q: Do I need experience to perform the methods described in the guide?
A: With the methods I provide you don’t need to know anything to begin, you can learn while you work. However, basic social skills would be helpful.
Q: I’m not 18, can these methods still be executed?
A: Yes, of course.
Q: Are the methods only for people in the usa?
A: No, the strategy I give you works in any country, including USA.
Q: Are these methods legal or blackhat?
A: Yes, 100% legal.
Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: Time at the beginning.

How much will I make?

When you start off with this method you will probably only be making £60/70 a week , but after just a week (2 weeks absolute max) you can expect to be earning £250 + per week . This method can be easily scaled past that mark , the more time you put in , the more money you make and after a while this method becomes semi autopilot. You'll be pressing a few buttons per day and making large sums per week.

When you purchase the ebook you can join my discord server , after that you will be able there to view Upgrades on e-Book, answer your questions, and many more, special giveaways for customers too


With this method you will earn 70$-150$ per try, you using shortcut to earn money with one website, if you want you dont have to invest but if you want you can, its not priority. Its will teach you how to making passive income.

DISCORD: Jewelry#5570

Join discord server:

Why are you selling this method?
It's a good question , essentially I want a source of passive income. I've finetuned the method to the point where


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Oct 8, 2020
With premium pack we can do Calls and live screen sharing , I will help you how to earn even more, just found a way to earn even more!