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Proxy Tool Charon v0.6 Proxy Checker/Leecher


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Mar 14, 2019
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Charon proxy checker is an application that lets you scan test proxy. The program of check of working capacity, functionality and anonymity of a proxy-servers under the list, with the set parameters. Flexible network options allow to set up the program practically with any requirements to the network traffic, establishing timeout on connection, allocating the set quantity of becoming more active streams, quantity of attempts of interrogation of everyone IP addresses, manual and automatic editing of the list a web-addresses for check of anonymity. The basic functional features: Use of multilevel filtration IP of addresses to the address of, to port, a zone, the country, etc.; The expanded import and export of lists of a proxy-servers: support of work with the buffer of an exchange, work with lists of network scanners Angry IP
Scanner and Superscanner; Check of a proxy-servers by means of RBL services; Automatic search of public lists of a proxy-servers by means of search systems.

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