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The Rules

First of all , because a lot of people are complaining that they can't reply to threads to get Accounts you should know that the Free Account sections require 5+ posts to be able to reply to. In order to get those posts you must be active in the Lobby Forums - Introductions , Humor , General Discussions first. Once you have 5 posts you can then post for Accounts in the Free Premium Accounts Section.

1. No child porn / beast porn
2. No harassment
3. No leeching (posting thanks,etc to all the threads)
4. No posting accounts on other forums
5. No Credit Cards / Paypal , money wise trades /shares of any sort
6. No advertising of competative websites in any kind
7. No flaming
8. Always use hide tags for your posts
9. Always enclose links in code tags
10. No LQ posts like ............... or thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx etc.
11. Some sections requires 5+ posts to be able to access . Please read each section's description.
12. Always use hide [Image: locked.png] when posting accounts, proxies , configs and backdoors .
13. 3 replies per user per day for Free Premium Accounts section .
14. 3 replies per user per day for Free Cracking Config section.
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