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Psych0 Application For Cracker and/or Super Moderator

1. Why do you want to be a staff member? I want to be a staff member because I have the experience and the dedication to become a moderator and/or cracker. Also I have been cracking for around 5 years and have a mastery of Sentry MBA and I'm willing to assist less experienced members.

2. What is your age? 18

3. How many hours per day can you be online? It will vary but at least an hour or two. 

4. What kind of sites do you crack ? (porn , filehosting , other) I crack all sites and have cracked gaming, porn, filehosting, streaming etc. I also do all other aspects of cracking such as combolists, configs, proxies etc.

5. Provide some sample accounts you yourself has cracked

6. Have you been a staff member to any other similar kind of forums? Yeah I've been an admin on CrackingCity, CrackingBase and CrackingCommunity. (All three have been offline for several months now).

7. Are you currently a staff member on other forums? No, I took a break from cracking for a few months.

8. Any other info you would like to include? I would like to apply for Super Mod and/or Cracker because I'm experienced enough and I'll be active to do so. Also I want to clean up the forum (remove dead threads and ban members), as well as post regularly. I know I haven't been a member for a week but I'm willing to undergo a trial period and you'll be able to share the workload of running a forum along with me.

Cheers, Psych0.
Drop me a pm . We can talk .
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