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Me and my girlfriend


In addition to mine introduction cover letter, I would love to share something with you about my privacy and pure Love. I am a pleased man indeed! My girlfriend, she loves me a lot and considers me as the most romantic person she ever meets at GitHub! She thoroughly understands me, and support me all the time, and the essential thing is that we are sexually compatible.

Because of that, I do not have a problem when I say to her I would love to hack your box and believe me she has a beautiful full tower cube gaming case. Whenever I see her pale back case, there is a warp core breach in my pants.
She considers me the most exciting man because always has something interesting to download from my hard drive. When I take a booty call, I prefer to say come on I am tired of Googling myself. Sometimes she is uninterested, and I need to attract her attention. When she is nervous or have a period, I usually have to do a little harder and said something accurately about your bra size looks like it is the same as my favorite computer language, C++. 

She is the lively and playful girl who shows willingness in particular circumstances when I need some help with my calculus and always ask me can she integrate my natural log? Sometimes when I have problems in the workplace, she just texts me: 01101100110100010110011011! The same evening she helps me to achieve a coronal mass ejection.
Oh yeah, this is a short story about the real love between my girlfriend and me! We are devoted to each other, and one day we will get embedded.

Kind regards,
Lucky one  Angel
thank you
embedded :D

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