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My suggestion to the forum is user groups.

Yes I am already aware that there is user groups, but for a certain extent of traits, quality, and liability. 

I am fully aware if that, but as you can tell I'm not making this post to tell you I want in for something you have to be good at it pay for.

I want user groups that are made for what you enjoy, yes it's what I was nagging about; being good at it or at least having common knowledge about the specific thing.

That's why I want a role called the Game Master
This specific role is made for group purpose only! Which means I don't get any right to change anything about this forum. Well except if you ever do make groups this tile Game Master prohibits any bad thing happening in groups.

As so the role I'm playing gets access to the groups made, meaning I am obligated to join so I make sure nothing bad happens.


The group I'd like to make (if you except group making) is

Gravity: A group full of people who like different types of things related to gravity or gravity it's self
(Example: Spaceman, Colors related to space, what Galaxy's your favorite, etc.) 


Why do you want to join Gravity?

Who is your favorite astronaut and why?

What is the definition of gravity to you?
(Keep in mind this is only to YOU! Don't copy a definition online)

When did you start liking gravity?

Anything else? 

---- though it's not the best it's my idea of it :P

Thanks for reading my suggestion

*If not figured out yet, I want to be the Game Master*
It is a good idea but i will have to discard at this moment as we are not that big to support this yet and it serves no actual purpose at the moment.

Thank you for your feedback anyway.
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