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8x My Suggestions To Our Forum

1/ About 1-2 months, you should have some Events with some good awards to everybody feel like your forum than
2/ Have Award and Auto receive Award
3/ Member can post threads in VIP Section (VIP preview area) (Mod will move it to VIP area after checking them)
4/ Add function "Two-Step Verification" to Forum, we don't want someone can brute-force
5/ At "Free Cracking Configs" & "Free Premium Accounts" of Cracking & VIP area, add subforums as this to everybody can easily find and post

[Image: vJ_1PvdvS8iIcnuAIZmYQQ.png]

[Image: screenshot_373.png]

or this Forum Stats seem good than:

[Image: screenshot_376.png]

or add more option to member can easy find:
[Image: screenshot_377.png]

[Image: screenshot_378.png]

6/ You should have the Active area for Active members (Mod, Admin will set for Member).
7/ At more "Market Place" and I see "Kleoz.Net VIP /1 Year/ 20 USD" is long time so you should do it for 2-3 months.
8/ You should to Guest & Free members can view all forum (do it will make they feel free to spend money when they upgrade to VIP).
Thank you mate , will have a look and improve.
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(09-18-2017, 01:22 PM)Kleoz Wrote: Thank you mate , will have a look and improve.

We should also have more foreign streaming content.. sites from Asia and Europe

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